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I was going to point out that

Luís Campos 2020-08-05

I was going to point out that an eggplant is a fruit. But then I realized that the concept of fruit is itself nebulous (Are we talking about the scientific or the folk concept of fruit?) and that Aristotelian logic also has troubles dealing with that? :)

Re: fruitiness of eggplants

James 2020-08-05

Luis Campos,

To adapt a joke about tomatoes: “Intelligence is knowing that an eggplant is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put eggplant in a fruit salad.”

(And, of course, Charisma is the ability to sell an eggplant-based fruit salad. Blasted bards.)

Are eggplants fruits?

David Chapman 2020-08-07

Luís — Yes, a couple chapters later, “Are eggplants fruits?” addresses exactly that issue. And then “The purpose of meaning” in Part Two (mostly) resolves the problem.

James — Cute, thanks!

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