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Ken 2020-08-07

From the small amount I actually read, it seems you have not considered the context of a particular sentence in relation to what its actual meaning is. Few sentences exist in isolation. Those that do are open to subjective interpretation. Language is not a rigid logical structure that can be objectively analysed for definite universal meaning. I live in New Zealand and the indigenous language spoken here is almost all poetry i.e. The word for knife is the same as the word for cut. Meaning is gathered from the context. Also, it is predominantly a spoken language so inferences about meaning are made in a very specific concrete context. Different things to different people, that’s what language is. More things in heaven and earth…Disclaimer: just my uninformed opinion. No disrespect intended


David Chapman 2020-08-07

Yes… You may be missing the context here! This chapter analyzes a move in logical positivism that didn’t work.

A following chapter makes the same point you just did.

The Eggplant needs to be read from the beginning; individual chapters may not make sense out of context.

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