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Nine Yanas

Andreas Keller 2021-01-02

On the page, the “nine yanas” link does not work. Gone the fast way into emptyness :-)

Interestingly broken link

David Chapman 2021-01-02

Thank you!—I’ve replaced the page it linked to with another at a different site.

It used to link to, which is apparently defunct. That’s potentially interesting… I remember wondering who was behind that site, because they didn’t make it obvious. Some sort of religious politics is probably involved.

Most of my outbound links nowadays are to the Wikipedia or the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, partly because they’re usually quite good, but also because they will probably still exist in ten years.

In this case I linked to the RigpaWiki, which is generally excellent. OTOH, it is produced by the former students of Soggy Alibi, a disgraced and now dead fake lama, so I’m not sure how much longer until it too is claimed by impermanence.


J 2021-01-02

Looks/feels great. I love the model of hypertextbook upon which this is based. Looking forward to reading more!

Congratulations on a successful renovation!

Kenny 2021-01-03

I’m using Tufte CSS for some of my personal projects. It has nice sidenotes and doesn’t seem to use JavaScript. I’m guessing you’d rather ignore plumbing for awhile tho!

For dead links, or even for living links, it’s pretty common to use The Internet Archive to avoid or mitigate link-rot. The site you mentioned in a previous comment seems preserved there:

CSS for sidenotes

David Chapman 2021-01-03

Thank you very much for both suggestions!

My understanding is that CSS-based sidenote approaches can’t prevent notes from crashing into each other? So you have to be careful, as a writer, to not write ones that are too long and too close together.

In places, I write dense, long footnotes. I don’t want to give that up…

Tufte CSS sidenotes don't seem to crash

Kenny 2021-01-04

I just tested adding a sidenote, to the demo page for Tufte CSS (to which I linked before), and the sidenote is referenced on the same line as an existing sidenote. They were formatted pretty nicely in the margin.

I also tested adding a LOT of text to the first (existing) sidenote and it still didn’t crash into the extra sidenote in the margin.

Something you still might not be satisfied with is that the sidenotes and margin notes use a span element, i.e. you can’t break the note text into separate p elements. It might be possible to alter the CSS to also work with div elements for the note text tho.

Also, using ` in comments (for inline code) seems to cause something to { fail / throw an error } in your site code. Your help page does mention using code elements tho so maybe that’s okay. But I had to escape the backtick character at the beginning of this paragraph too to seemingly avoid the same failure/error.


David Chapman 2021-01-07

Thank you very much for this—I haven’t had a chance yet, but I will follow up both these points.

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