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Missing diagram

Lucy Keer 2020-07-02

Similar to the missing graphs thing, there’s a diagram missing on this page: text reads

[Diagram here. “Believing” arrow from thing-in-head to proposition-in-Platonic-realm; “about” arrow from proposition to thing-in-world.]

I’m sure I’ll have more interesting things to say soon, just thought I’d get this one in while I remember :)

Drawing programs, ugh

David Chapman 2020-07-02

Thanks… that’s another “can’t be bothered to fight the software right now.” Somehow every couple years I am forced to switch to a different drawing program, and they all do the same things, but hide the functionality in a deep swamp of menus and panels and config options, so producing a simple diagram with the most recent one will take me hours to find “how do I make this line spliney?”

Gregory Bateson

Javi Ballester 2020-08-25

I found myself remembering Bateson’s “Mind and Nature” while reading, mostly the intro and first chapter about propositions in science. Enjoyed it.

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