Comments on “The purpose of meaning”

"Jam?" and an attempt at a rational language

Daniel 2021-11-13

In lojban “Jam?” would be translated as <rutpesxu au pei>, meaning
“(something) is-a-jam-made-from-fruit(s) (unspecified_fruit(s)) -of-species (unspecified) [desire] [question]”, or, more formally, or when something is clearly requested <rutpesxu e'o pei> (e’o means [request]).
But in the CEO case, it would instead be translated as maybe <lo rutpesxu cu mo>, meaning “some jam-made-from-fruit(s)-belonging-to-a-species [main-verb-delimiter] [is-what?]”.

Point is, lojban seems to handle informal language games in a pretty formal and fuctional way (in the hands of a competent speaker), using , well, all of lojban, but, most relevantly (1) modals and stuff from chapter 13 of CLL, and (2) speech act theory applied to logic.

What does that mean for your conclusions on this page? :-)